Parents & Students

Traditionally teachers in a school carry the responsibility for learning. In Kakatiya Techno Schools classrooms, however, students learn to become responsible or accountable for their learning. Whereas the teacher guides learning and the parent supports learning, the student learns to take the responsibility for his or her learning, including the bottom line – the results. Teachers are provided with training and resources to support this effort. They guide students in analyzing who has the responsibility for learning. Students also learn skills to become independent learners and to work cooperatively with other students in meeting class goals.

The role of parents in their children’s education has long been recognised as a significant factor in educational success and school improvement. We at Kakatiya Techno School appeal each and every parent to participate in the school improvement planning process by attending meetings and being an active and constructive voice. Parents should participate in all Parents Teacher Meetings (PTMs) and other school functions, giving feedback to teachers, asking questions at school, etc.